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D. Renée Wilson

As a viewer and an artist, the visual and performing arts serve me as an outlet and conduit for perception and energies that have no other expression. The essence of a sensual experience or the illustration of relationship, spirituality, or emotion; Art connects the "dots" in my life.

Sparsana, my textured abstract series, is a translation of those intangibles as tactile. A series employing mixed media and several processes to explore color and surface texture combinations that echo an unseen spectrum of ethereal landscapes, narratives, and historical figures in art, such as "La Goulue" Louise Weber. She starred in Parisian nightclubs and on French canvases, from Renoir to Lautrec. Once considered the queen of Montmarte, she earned her fame dancing at the Moulin Rouge after modeling nude for artists and photographers. Her stage name: La Goulue (the glutton). She earned this nickname for her voracious appetites and also her trademark move of dancing on tables while lifting her skirts to show gentlemen the embroidered heart on her underwear. She would kick the man's hat onto the floor, then while he was retrieving it, she would drink his unattended libation! These works are based on cabinet card photographs of Weber circa 1890, as well as palettes and text from Toulouuse-Lautrec's work.

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to view more of my work and projects, like Pawtraits: pet portraits that benefit a local rescue shelter, or my upcoming handwritten bio-typography portraits of high profile figures promoting the PLAN UK charitable organization that will be exhibited in a London gallery.

From painting to sculpting tiny topographies, acting and movement, to my handwritten typography images, I'm constantly combining new materials and processes that help me make something beautiful or at least interesting, if not logical, out of all these dots to be connected. ~D. Renée Wilson

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